Monday, December 19, 2011

TASK on Minnesota Public Radio


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TASK at NAEA 2012!

TASK is coming to the 2012 NAEA conference! In addition to the usual array of amazing sessions, speakers and inspring ideas, attendees can also participate in an all day TASK Party with Oliver Herring, Art21, Davis Publications, student volunteers, and all kinds of art educators. TASK will run from 10-4 on Saturday, allowing plenty of time to complete some creative tasks while still attending presentations. A panel discussion with Oliver Herring will immediately follow the event.

More information on the 2012 NAEA conference:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Join the Discussion on ArtEd2.0!

The TASK group on ArtEd2.0 has over 65 members. It’s a great place to ask questions and share ideas.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tasks from @craigr

Here’s a list of 24 TASK ideas from @craigr. Read the entire post here.

24 Possible TASKS (more in the works)

  1. Using newspaper, scissors and tape, make the tallest self-supporting sculpture you can in 15 minutes. Have a sculpture-making contest with two other people.
  2. Design a musical instrument out of found materials. Teach someone else how to play it.
  3. Draw a picture of something invisible. Share your drawing with someone else at the party.
  4. Using whatever materials you can find, create an imaginative gravestone with your epitaph on it. Display it in the corner of the room with other gravestones.
  5. Create a creature from found materials and name it. Ask someone else at the party to write a story about your creature and display both in the room.
  6. Make a hat and coat out of newspaper and tape for a companion. Have them wear it at the party.
  7. Working with a partner, create a shadow play using a flashlight, your hands and any props you can make or find. Present it to a small group of people.
  8. Using whatever materials you can find, create a mask that will give the wearer special powers. Give it as a gift to someone else to wear.
  9. Imagine what you will be famous for someday and devise a way to communicate your contribution to others at the party.
  10. Using whatever materials you can find, create a headpiece that exemplifies your importance. Wear it for the remainder of the party.
  11. Draw someone’s portrait on an index card using five lines or less. Give them your portrait as a gift.
  12. Create a work of art about something that cannot be seen. Put it on display.
  13. With a black marker and index card, design a commemorative stamp about an important event in your life. Share it.
  14. Working with 2 other people, create a self-supporting sculpture from cardboard and tape that touches the ceiling.
  15. Create a work of art that will touch someone’s heart. Give it to them as a gift.
  16. Design a hat out of found materials that will help someone think like an artist. Convince someone else that it works and to wear it during the party.
  17. Make art on a post-it note. Create a gallery of post-it art.
  18. Form a musical group with four other people. Sing a chorus of “If I had a Hammer” and then get everyone at the party to join in for a second chorus.
  19. Hug ten people at the party. Ask them to “pay it forward.”
  20. Make a map to get lost. Give it to someone else and ask them to follow it.
  21. Draw a heart on an index card. Fill it in with a color of your choice. Give it to someone else at the party and tell them you love them.
  22. Create rhythm with 3 other people.
  23. Create a zine. Give it to someone else at the party.
  24. Send a status update to your Facebook page. Invite them to the party.